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Aalberts development programmes Connect and Fit testimonials

5 of our mission critical people from our business units across the world tell us about their experiences in taking part in one of the Aalberts development programmes and how this has helped them both in their personal and professional development. 

Naji el Otmani

Naji, 30 years old, joined the Aalberts integrated piping systems team in 2018, where he has taken on a challenging roll as Global Business Analyst. Last year in 2021 he had the opportunity to participate in the Aalberts ‘CONNECT’ development program.

Dennis van Buren

Dennis van Buren has been a valued employee of Aalberts IPS in the Netherlands for many years now. He started out early on in his career working at VSH (our connection technology competence centre in Hilversum) as a technical advisor, after that becoming an Account Manager, then Sales Manager to...

Stefan den Boer

In the fall of 2019 Stefan den Boer from the Netherlands was invited to partake in the development programme ‘CONNECT’ at our facility in Hilversum. Stefan started out his career within VSH, our connection technology competence centre in the Netherlands, as an intern and has developed and worked his way...

Gergely Misinszki

Gergely has been working within Aalberts integrated piping systems in Hungary since 2002. Throughout this period, he has taken on various supply chain, planning and procurement roles and his worked his way up to become Supply Chain Manager with a team of 7 people reporting to him. In 2018 Gergely...