Gergely Misinszki

Gergely has been working within Aalberts integrated piping systems in Hungary since 2002. Throughout this period, he has taken on various supply chain, planning and procurement roles and his worked his way up to become Supply Chain Manager with a team of 7 people reporting to him. In 2018 Gergely was asked to participate in the Aalberts FIT programme;

“At the time it was a very new programme within Aalberts so I was super curious and exited, but basically I had no real idea of what to expect, I really started from a blank page.”

Gergely explains how it was so different from traditional trainings. “It was not like a typical course where you just sit, listen, take notes and try not to fall asleep, it was really made interactive.”

One of these interactive moments was the so-called boxing day. Just like many other participants, this was one of the highlights of the programme for Gergely as well. “Learning more about taking distance and how to react when someone is attacking you in a boxing match, really helped us make the comparison to business circumstances, where it personally really helped me understand how to deal with tight situations where you are under a lot of pressure”

Another element of the training Gergely really enjoyed was a day where actors came in. “It was very interesting to see how quickly these actors could read you and react to push you out of your comfort zone and move you into a new direction. The practical tools and tactics they provided us with to help us understand how we can influence people or teams was very valuable. The training definitely helped me in my development in regard to improving team assimilation and learning how I can impact and motivate my team to a higher extent. I am interested to find out in which other ways it might influence my career in the future.”

“What’s one of the main things I have learned from this programme? Be brave and step out of your comfort zone, which is very hard sometimes, but essential in order to move forward.

To this day Gergely is still in touch with some of the other programme participants working in different Aalberts business units across the world.