The market for fire protection has gained considerable importance in recent years. With cities becoming ever denser and denser, there are also increasing risks for fires. Because of this, many people are looking at ways of minimizing the risk for both people and assets. This makes the fire protection market one of increasing importance for people worldwide, and also for Aalberts integrated piping systems as a solution provider.

We excel in the most varied circumstances. Our solutions are particularly suitable for use in fire protection systems in residential and non-residential buildings, shipbuilding and industry. 

Some of our integrated piping systems can be used in the fire protection market in a number of different applications and surroundings.


Fireprotection reference

Lindenhofje – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The buildings on the Lindengracht 94-112, located in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have been used to provide care since the founding of Lindenhofje in 1616. Today, the buildings provide shelter and function as a nursing home for child care. Lindenhofje is part of the Salvation Army in Amsterdam. Ten severely or chronically ill children can stay here permanently or temporarily, when for example parents are not able to provide the children with intensive care from home.

Extra safety

Although the existing fire alarm system, smoke detectors, etc, meet the building fire protection requirements, the owner still opted to install water tap sprinklers because they offer extra security in case the building has to be evacuated due to a fire.

Children are normally not able to save themselves. However, the sprinklers fight the fire directly and will reduce the fire in the core, creating a longer flight and escape time. This extra flight time is very important, especially during evening and night shifts, when there are fewer people in the house.

In total about 300 sprinklers have been installed over three floors, covering all the children’s playrooms, the office rooms and other spaces.