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our internationally strong brands and technologies

Aalberts integrated piping systems does not simply focus on just one technological aspect within the system, but applies different technologies for different applications. All these technologies employ strong brands and together they constitute what we call our integrated piping systems. These systems are easy to specify, install and maintain.

Our well known international brands have more then 100 years of history, but nonetheless are prepared for the future. Not only by engineering and producing high quality products, but also by offering services like our Aalberts integrated piping systems design service.

valve technology

Thanks to the internationally renowned brands Apollo and Pegler, Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems can offer the best valves for a wide range of verticals and applications. Naturally, they are high quality and distributed worldwide.

connection technology

With the high-quality solutions from VSH, Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems is one of the undisputed market leaders in connection technology. The wide range of solutions are suitable for numerous applications in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, general industrial usage, fire protection, and shipbuilding.

piping technology

Piping technology includes a complete range of stainless steel and carbon tubes in sizes ranging from 12 mm to 108 mm.

fastening technology

Smart hangers for the optimal arrangement of the integrated piping system