Dennis van Buren

Dennis van Buren has been a valued employee of Aalberts IPS in the Netherlands for many years now. He started out early on in his career working at VSH (our connection technology competence centre in Hilversum) as a technical advisor, after that becoming an Account Manager, then Sales Manager to now having the function of Sales Director Netherlands. In 2018, right before having received this latest role, Dennis participated in the Aalberts “FIT” programme.

“Before I started out the programme, I had no idea what it would actually entail, just like my fellow participants , who thought that they will be receiving some sort of sales training, when really the programme is all about your personal development.”

What Dennis particularly liked about the programme is that he was able to meet people from all kinds of different Aalberts business units, countries and divisions. “Everyone has a different background and train of thought. And it was great to witness how an enormous group formation, bond and trust arises during such an intense period.”

Looking back, it has been very valuable for Dennis to hold up a mirror to himself in a number of places. It was confronting but has definitely helped to bring him to where he is now.

“The course has made me think more about how you position yourself, what you want people to do and how you get people on board. It is precisely delegating tasks and giving people more responsibilities that keeps your team satisfied. Numbers may be great, but if your people are not happy, you are eventually bound for failure.”

Understanding that his behaviour truly determines how people will function and respond has been a very valuable insight to Dennis. “Lead by example’ is a simple aphorism, but nevertheless absolute truth. And sometimes you also have to be aware that the example you are setting may not be the right one.”

“I think it is very important that a company like Aalberts remains to invest in programmes like these. Regardless of the phase you are in at that moment, whether you are a fresh college graduate or an experienced manager, personal development is a crucial part for everyone employee. It is a shame when people are not used to their full potential.”

One message that really stuck to Dennis is to always stay as close to yourself as possible. “You have gotten somewhere in life because you did things the way you did them, and that is something you have to always sustain. Don’t try to change who you are as a person, just try to work smarter.