TBM Koot opts for Aalberts integrated piping systems to make the Avérotoren more sustainable

Kilometres of piping, thousands of fittings, optimum efficiency

The Avérotoren was built in 1991 and is the second tallest office building in the city of Leeuwarden. The 77-metre-high, 18-storey building will be extensively renovated and made more sustainable. TBM Koot replaced and made the entire climate, electrical, sanitary, fire protection and sprinkler installation more sustainable and opted for the solutions of Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems for the piping of the climate installation.

“It involves kilometres of piping in a complete new infrastructure,” says Misja Koot, director-owner of TPM Koot. “Normally, it takes us a year to complete this, now we have achieved it in six months.” Speed, top quality, safety and availability were the conditions. And so Koot chose the VSH XPress galvanized steel pressing system for all low-temperature heating.

Huge time savings

“The piping system could not have been more complete. It really has every fitting imaginable. Together with Aalberts, we looked closely at optimal efficiency: where and how can you keep the number of fittings to a minimum? Take the XPress FullFlow ball valve alone. You can easily connect it to the tube without any fittings or adapters. We have placed over 1000. This resulted in enormous savings in the number of fittings. And therefore, for significant time savings, material and cost savings and also fewer transport movements, in the context of sustainability.’

One-stop shopping and security of supply

Koot opted for VSH MultiPress for the drinking water and all sanitary areas, the sprinkler system did not need to be replaced. ‘But we could  have come to Aalberts for a complete sprinkler piping system as well. This one-stop-shopping option saves a lot of work and search time. Furthermore, you choose a trusted Dutch product and a manufacturer that can handle these types of large projects effortlessly. Aalberts’ bills of materials and parts lists were always perfect. We were delivered per floor according to plan, the interaction with wholesaler Technische Unie was excellent.’

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