inspiring future Engineers about the Aalberts way

Recently Aalberts trainee Max Jaspers and former trainee Mark Postma travelled to the east of the Netherlands to give a lunch lecture to approximately 70 mechanical engineering students from study association Isaac Newton at the University of Twente, one of Aalberts’ important partner universities.

“By maintaining the relationship between Aalberts and Isaac Newton, we aim for giving our students the best career orientation possible” Says Mark van Donkersgoed, Commissioner External Affairs at Isaac Newton.

Mark Postma, who now has a permanent function at Aalberts integrated piping systems told us why he had so much fun speaking at this lunch lecture.

“Any opportunity I can get to promote the company that has treated me so well the past 2 years, I will say yes to. It was a real pleasure sharing my story with these future engineers and to be able to tell them more about the Aalberts business, values and all the challenging projects and amazing experiences I have encountered throughout my Traineeship period. This ultimately lead to the position I now have as Digital Marketeer within the Global team of Aalberts integrated piping systems.

What I really tried to emphasize during the lecture is that Aalberts truly is a unique organisation, unlike any other multinational they may come across. The lean structure, dynamic culture, pragmatic attitude and most importantly the Entrepreneurial mindset, are all aspects that make Aalberts distinctive.

I may not be an engineer myself, but I have been able to see and hear enough stories from technical colleagues around me, to see that it is the freedom given to them and quick decision making, that makes that the Aalberts products are always the most innovative and high quality. Following the same repetitive routine, processes and being told exactly what to do is something that doesn’t work at Aalberts.

Even so, being a more commercial trainee and now digital marketeer I have been able to experience this freedom first-hand as well. When a senior manager puts their faith in you, this sometimes pushes you far out of your comfort zone and may even make you feel overwhelmed at times, but this is all a part of the personal journey and personal development you will go through during your Traineeship period and years after!”

Picture of Mark Postma

Mark Postma

Digital Marketeer

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