developing products with ‘added value’

Meet Craig Morrison, our talented design engineer in the new product development team at IPS UK, working on valve technology. Craig has spent the past ten years as a design engineer at manufacturers and design consultancies, mainly developing electro-mechanical and industrial products.

“The reason I joined Aalberts integrated piping systems 2 years ago, is because I could see the opportunity here to expand my knowledge learning about the manufacturing processes and technology associated with the IPS industry. The Aalberts values were appealing as they encourage their employees to take ownership and challenge the status quo in order to improve their processes and products. This aligned with my desire to test my own capabilities and develop my skills as a designer.”

Craig works in a multi-disciplinary team developing valve technologies with ‘added value’, a most recent example is Pegler’s 1600 PICV. “My role involves ideating and iterating concepts, validating and developing them through peer review and testing programs.” In addition to that Craig also has a shared responsibility to support our operational team with the introduction of new products and technical support for existing processes.

Craig finds the biggest challenge can often be managing expectations and the healthy tension in a multidisciplinary development team. “Aligning our respective values and objectives is difficult but it is what makes the shared progress and innovative success so satisfying. I am always learning through the challenges we face and solutions we create. “

“Why would I recommend coming to work for Aalberts IPS? The company has a great respect for longstanding processes and products, which are the backbone of the business, complimented by a commitment to growth through emerging technologies and new product development. This creates a wide scope of opportunity to get involved, develop and apply your credentials to help the business achieve their objectives.”

For the future Craig is looking to gain a greater understanding of the needs of the customers and markets we support, and the problems they experience in their professions.

Next to his work at IPS Craig is currently studying part-time for a MA in Design Management at Northumbria University. “when I am not working or studying you can find me spending my evenings and weekends out walking with my girlfriend and our dog, doing DIY in our home, endlessly listening to podcasts, reading and cycling (admittedly when the weather is fair!).

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