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Aalberts international post-graduate programme and trainee programme testimonials

4 of our mission critical young professionals tell us about their experiences in the Aalberts international post-graduate or trainee programme.     

Max Jaspers

“When I found out that Aalberts was looking for new international management trainees with affinity for technology but also aspiring to grown in aspects of business management, I knew that this was a traineeship that was made for me.”

Andrew Lindsay

“My day to day at IPS involves maintaining and improving manufacturing & assembly processes in the Heating and Gas valves departments. This involves spending time on the shop floor with the operators to find out what their thoughts on the processes are and how they believe they could be improved.”

Yvonne Spaltman

‘Take ownership – that’s what this project was about for me’ said trainee Yvonne Spaltman. For her second project as part of the international management traineeship at Aalberts.

Willem Wisselink

Aalberts integrated piping systems gave a lunchtime lecture on career opportunities to around 30 students from the Industrial Engineering faculty, University in Enschede, The Netherlands.