VSH XPress

VSH XPress

The complete piping system with M-profile press fittings, valves, pipes and tools.

VSH XPress is available in galvanised steel, stainless steel and copper and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The comprehensive VSH XPress pipe system consists of press fittings, valves, pipes and press tools. VSH XPress is light-weight and allows for fast, simple, clean installation in a wide variety of situations such as heating, cooling, plumbing and industrial applications. VSH XPress has a wide range of approvals.

The pipe system was recently expanded to include the smart VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve. This valve’s unique design with a valve housing produced from a single pipe section provides 100% full flow. This provides for a very slender design with a significantly lower risk of leaks. The VSH Xpress FullFlow also uses an M-profile connection, allowing you to easily install your system in one go.

Technical specifications

MaterialsGalvanised steel, stainless steel, stainless steel gas, copper, copper gas and cunifer
O-ringsEPDM, (H)NBR, green FPM and grey FPM
Dimensions12 to 108 mm
Temperature range-35°C to +135°C
Max. working pressure16 bar

The power of VSH XPress

  • Complete pipe systems in four different materials
  • Simple, fast connection technology
  • Fittings and pipes in 12 to 108 mm sizes (including intermediate sizes of 64 and 66.7 mm for copper and 66.7 mm for galvanised steel)
  • Factory insertion depth marking
  • Clear material and size identification
  • Leak Before Press function
  • Compatible with VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve
  • BIM

VSH XPress - application opportunities