VSH Super

VSH Super

VSH Super has been the most widely used, most comprehensive compression fitting range since 1973.

VSH Super is suitable for drinking water, natural gas, heating, solar and compressed air applications.

VSH Super has been associated with compression fittings in the Dutch market since 1973. The fittings are available in ‘regular’ and DZR brass, in plain, nickel-plated and chrome-plated versions. This extremely comprehensive package is suitable for heating, gas, solar and drinking water installations.

Optimised ease of installation
The design of VSH Super compression fittings optimises the ease of installation. This includes dimensionally accurate flats to ensure that the spanner remains in place when tightening. The special press ring ensures an optimum seal.

This delivers huge savings in labour cost, as there is no need for retightening. What’s more, the high-quality finish of the fittings ensures smooth assembly with no juddering or creaking.

In addition to the standard compression fitting which is suitable for copper or thin-walled steel pipes, VSH Super also offers specialised solutions:

  • VSH Multi Super: for plastic and multi-layer pipes
    Need to connect different types of piping as part of a renovation project and don’t know which brand? Use VSH Multi Super Knel to connect different brands of plastic piping or to transition from plastic to thin-walled heating, copper or stainless steel pipe. These fittings have been tested for use with over 30 brands of plastic piping. Available as a complete fitting or a compression set.
  • VSH Super Blue: specifically for thick-walled steel pipe connections
    Have you ever encountered a thick-walled bit of piping on the job, with no room or time to thread or weld it? VSH Super Blue is a separate plastic ring that fits all VSH Super compression fittings for connection to thick-walled pipes. This enables you to proceed with the perfect fitting for fast, compact and secure installation.
  • VSH Super and VSH MultiPress: transition coupling
    Keep things simple and easily create connections between heating, copper or stainless steel and plastic piping. This straight adapter allows for effortless connection between VSH Super and VSH MultiPress. One system, one supplier, double security. A wide variety of accessories with compression connection complete the VSH Super range. These include water and gas ball valves and commissioning valves.


Technical specifications

MaterialsBrass and DZR brass
FinishPlain, nickel-plated and chrome-plated
Compatible pipingCopper, galvanised steel, stainless steel, thick-walled pipe,
​plastic pipe (multi-layer piping and PE-X)
Dimensions6 to 54 mm
Temperature range-35°C to +200°C
Max. working pressure10 bar



The power of VSH Super

  • A broad selection for every application (for metal and plastic pipes)
  • Wide variety of accessories with compression connection
  • Designed to optimise installation convenience thanks to wide, dimensionally accurate flats on the union nuts and housings
  • Simple installation with standard tools
  • Quick connection technology allows for reassembly
  • Smooth assembly (no juddering or creaking) with additional pipe guide
  • Peace of mind: maximum quality and security
  • Wide range of certifications available such as Kiwa and GASTEC
  • BIM
  • Compatible with other VSH systems

VSH Super - application opportunities