VSH SudoPress

VSH SudoPress

Comprehensive pipe system with V-profile press fittings, valves, tools and pipes.

VSH SudoPress is available in copper, galvanised steel and stainless steel and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

VSH SudoPress is one of VSH’s package solutions. The range consists of V-profile compression fittings, valves, tools and pipes and is available in copper, galvanised steel and stainless steel. VSH SudoPress is suitable for a variety of systems; from heating, drinking water, solar and cooling applications to industrial installations with extreme pressure and temperature requirements.

100% leak-tight delivery Leak before Press
VSH SudoPress fittings have a ‘Leak Before Press’ (LBP) function, reducing the risk of installation error. The LBP function ensures that unpressed fittings will leak during the initial pressure test. The installer can immediately see which fittings have not been pressed. This avoids consequential damage and allows for the delivery of 100% leak-tight systems, every time.

Technical specifications

MaterialsGalvanised steel, stainless steel and copper
O-ringsEPDM, (H)NBR, FPM
Dimensions12 to 108 mm
Temperature range-20°C to +110°C
Max. working pressure16 bar


The power of VSH SudoPress

  • Double security with Visu-Control® ring and Leak Before Press function
  • BIM ready
  • Simple, fast connection technology
  • Handy, matching press tools
  • Compatible with other VSH systems

Double security

12 to 54 mm fittings are extra secure thanks to Visu-Control®. After pressing, the Visu-Control® ring breaks free of the fitting, clearly showing which fittings have been pressed. This saves time, as it’s no longer necessary to mark the fittings after pressing. The Visu-Control® ring also ensures optimal product identification, as each type of material has a different ring colour.


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