welcome to Aalberts integrated piping systems APAC

Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems develops and produces connectors, metal and plastic pipes, valves, and fastening technology for the distribution and control of liquids and gases. Our technologies enable customers to work quickly and reliably in a simple and efficient way.

our reasons why

we offer a complete integrated piping solution

These bespoke systems are applicable for key verticals as residential commercial, industrial, and Utilities, and are designed and developed by our team of in-house engineers.

This complete piping and valve solution combined with our services are available through different channels.
At Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems, we have just one objective: we help our customers to get the job done.

global footprint with a local presence

we operate from 30 locations in 14 countries

As the amalgamation of some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers, we have a long-established, market leading presence in key verticals such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utilities. We operate from 30 locations in 14 countries and offer the most innovative and technically advanced product portfolio.

Our in-house engineers are constantly engaged in product development and innovations and we are the only business in the piping & valve industry that offers its customers a complete integrated piping solution, each and every time.


let's grow together

We win with people! It’s that simple. Our clear, common sense strategy is to invest in our people. We know that as a group we are greater than the sum of our parts. Our diversity gives us strength because different people look at things in different ways and come up with different solutions. That is how real progress is made, with mission-critical people.